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A downloadable album of eight specially written French songs for you to sing with your baby at home, complete with a lyrics booklet.  All songs are designed to help you and baby learn some key words in French.  Look out for our French vocabulary companion which will be released soon to accompany this collection.



A downloadable album of eight specially written simple French songs to sing with your baby, all set to familiar tunes.  Have a listen to a full song and a few short clips.

The songs included in your downloads are:

The Bonjour Song (Our hello song)

Faire des guilis-guilis (A tickling song)

On peut jouer à coucou  (A peekaboo song)

Fais rouler le ballon (A ball-rolling song)

Un petit bisou pour toi (A kissing song)

Jouons, arrêtons (A song about playing and stopping)

C’est fini (A song about things being ‘all gone’ and ‘no more left’)

Au revoir (Our goodbye song)