A five-week course available over Zoom or pre-recorded. Book here.

This is a five week musical French course course all about travelling to the seaside and exploring ocean life.  You will learn French words for different sea-creatures and different activities you can do at the seaside such as boating, fishing and swimming.  It is available in a pre-recorded format for ages 18 months to 7 years and over Zoom for ages 6-9.   

The class is structured, but informal and fun and designed for you to enjoy as a family.  I introduce vocabulary through catchy songs, fun stories and activities, and allow children to begin using language at their own pace.  I use sign language and mime to support language development include elements of sensory play for younger children.   This theme was taught in the summer term 2021 and will soon be available to buy as a pre-recorded course to watch at any time.

Rehearsal for class!