The topic ‘Family’ is a firm favourite with lots of children.  We sing about the different family members and what they do using familiar tunes such as ‘The wheels on the bus’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it’.  By doing this, we learn the informal words for the different family members, such as ‘mum’, ‘granddad’ and ‘baby’, and some children begin to respond to short questions such as ‘Où est maman ?’ (‘Where is mummy?’) by saying ‘Elle est là !’ (‘She is there!’), and to make short sentences such as J’ai une mamie (I have a granny).

As with all my themes – I teach this topic in two parts.  Part 1 focuses more on the informal words for family members such as ‘mum’ and Part 2 focuses around the more formal words such as ‘mother’.

The course is available from September 2021 and you can book here.