My classes:

I’m Amber, and I teach musical and fun French Classes for young children, live on Zoom and pre-recorded. I’ve had some amazing feedback from my online classes and I can’t wait for our new set of classes starting this September.

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I teach classes in six different themes across two years, with a new course available to book every half-term. I am now providing pre-recorded classes as well as Zoom classes so that you can enjoy them at any time and learn at your own pace.

In the autumn of 2021 our theme is La famille (Family). This is taught in two five-week courses, one starting in September and the next in November, each available independently, or you can study both. It is available as a pre-recorded class for ages 18 months to 7 years, or a Zoom course for children aged 6-9.

Zoom classes

This September, I have a 5-week Zoom class aimed at children aged 6-8+ years themed around the topic of ‘Family’ (part 1). This is followed by Part 2, which starts in November. My classes includes a mixture of songs, games and activities to teach children French vocabulary. And you don’t have to worry if you miss a week – your booking includes access to my pre-recorded lessons and language resources. Some children in my Zoom classes move on to being able to understand and respond in sentences as well as single words. The hallmark of all my classes is to make learning fun, and I’ve had great feedback from children attending my Zoom classes so far. Classes take place on Thursdays at 4 p.m., our next set starting on Thursday 16th September. I have a series of classes running through the whole academic year, which you can also access. You can book right now – here.

Pre-recorded classes

All of my classes for younger children (aged 18 months to 7 years) are pre-recorded. These online classes are released weekly on Fridays via a private Facebook group and are available to watch at your leisure. They will also soon be available to buy in complete sets. In the pre-recorded classes, I carefully select a range of songs and activities for younger children, with a suggested upper age limit of 6-7 years. The pre-recorded classes include some sort of sensory play every week, and lots of creative activities using easy-to-get-hold-of resources at home. You can also choose to have access to weekly song sheets and French vocabulary to help you learn from home. I often find the adults are learning as much as the children. This autumn our topic is Family.

Pre-recorded classes come in two options – video-only at £12 per 5 videos, or video-plus-resources at £18 per 5 videos plus learning resources (including an invitation to a parent Zoom chat one in each five-week course).  Click here to book a pre-recorded class.

Face-to-Face classes

Prior to Covid, all of my classes were face-to-face. I am not currently offering face-to-face classes, but will update here if I restart in the future.

Class content and prices:

I teach 6 different topics over a two year period, meaning that there is something new to learn each term.  This autumn my classes are themed around the topic ‘Family’.  Part 1 starts in September and Part 2 in November. There is no need to do part 1 before part 2. Each course is 5 weeks long and for the Zoom course, costs £30 per family, including learning resources and a parent Zoom chat.  Pre-recorded class prices come in two options – £12 for the videos only.  £18 for the videos plus teaching resources.


Please click the booking link above for quick online booking or drop me an email for more info:

Class times:

Thursdays 4 – 4.30 p.m.

Pre-recorded classes, released on Fridays weekly.

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