My own little linguists
My own little linguists

Amber’s LMP or Amber’s Language, Music and Play is a system for learning French language for young children and their parents, devised by Bedworth-based teacher, Amber Semple.  This new approach involves signed singing of traditional English nursery rhymes which have been translated into French and arranged around specific themes, for example Family and Animals, along with play activities based around the songs.  The sign-language is based on British Sign Language.
You can access my teaching in two different ways: My classes, which I run in various locations through Warwickshire, and my Amber’s LMP YouTube channel, which has songs arranged by topic, along with tutorials about how to use them and ideas for activities surrounding them.  Each topic comes with video resources and written materials, as well as a supportive Facebook group so that you can learn from home.

How does it work?

The songs and signs are based around things young children enjoy, like food, families and animals and, because the signs are British, you can learn them and use them to help you communicate with your little one at home.

Most of my tunes are from familiar British nursery rhymes, but with French words instead of English.  This makes the songs easier for you and your child to learn.  My Amber’s LMP YouTube channel has video tutorials to help you practice the songs at home.