Here is some of the lovely feedback I have received from various families:

We loved it when my son went, it was so much fun and loved hearing him saying the French words whilst playing at home! He would come back and teach his older sister the songs he’d learnt that session! Thoroughly, thoroughly recommend Amber!!  Amelia


Emily and I love our French classes with Amber.  They are musical, interactive and lots of fun.  The added bonus is that I am learning French too!  Claire  


Annabelle and I enjoy the music, dancing and learning new French words!  The class is fun and educational and Amber engages all the little ones: babies and toddlers alike! Tamryn 


 Saffir and I both love our French classes with Amber.  The classes are fun and appropriate for all ages.  I will have to wait and see whether Saffir’s first words are in French or English.  Sian


Georgina and I both enjoy our French and find ourselves singing French nursery rhymes during the week.  It’s nice to learn something together.


For a parent this class is satisfyingly different from any other class my toddler has attended. Lottie