I have found Disney songs (and Disney films) to be a great help in introducing French to my own and others’ children – and in sustaining their interest too.
What makes them great is that they are from Disney films and therefore they try to capture the English original as closely as possible. This is because the song is often describing what you can see happening in the film.  This makes them good because your children are hearing French lyrics and seeing related visual content, helping them become familiar with vocabulary.
Here are my favourite French versions of Disney Songs, with links to where you can find them on YouTube.

  1. Sous l’océan (Under the Sea) – From the Little Mermaid.  A lovely song to dance to, with lots of names of musical instruments thrown in.  Very tricky to sing along to, but very good for a dance.
  2. Je voudrais un bonhomme de neige (Do you want to build a snowman?) – From Frozen.  Very close to the original, and great to watch on YouTube to pick up a little vocabulary.
  3. Hakunah Matata  – from the Lion King.  Great fun to sing along to.
  4. Je ne savais pas (Something there) – from Beauty and the Beast.  this is where Belle and the Beast are beginning to fall in love.  I challenge you not to cry while watching this one.
  5. Libérée,délivrée (Let it Go) – from Frozen.  This one is extremely famous and I definitely could not leave it out.  The lyrics are much more profound in French than in English – a very beautiful song.

If you click on the area under each of these songs, you will also generally find the lyrics to them too, which you may want to print out and use so that you can sing along.  Some are a lot easier to sing along to than others.  Even with my fairly good French knowledge, I admit to having quite a bit of trouble singing Sous l’océan!  I hope you have fun with this little selection of songs.  If you have a browse on the YouTube Disney FR channel, you will find many more.

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