Where to buy songs, books and resources to help you learn French the Amber’s LMP way.

This page provides you with links for buying the various soundtracks I use in my classes as well as recommended reading and props.

Here is the core text for my Reception and Year 1 course My Body and Me

Here are some of the tracks I use for my topic, My Body and Me, for babies and toddlers and for Reception and Year 1.  You can buy the other tracks in this topic using my online shop.

En haut, en bas by Will Stroet


The Grand Old Duke of York

(backing track for my song Roulez-vous par terre)



Alouette by Fred Penner

La tête, les épaules, les genoux, les orteils, Janet Irwin
(Head, shoulers knees and toes)

Fait rouler le ballon vers moi
(set to Polly put the kettle on)

Sur le pont d’Avignon

Jean Petit Qui Danse

Frère Jacques